Saturday, June 8, 2013

Where are you?

Nenna, where are you? 
It's getting nice and warm over here.. and very green :-) Yes the snow has finally melted!


The back deck is waiting for you....

The front porch is waiting for you.... (although I still have a bit of tidying up to do here!!!)

Mr Humming bird is waiting for you......


Mr. 'blue' Bird is waiting for you (don't know what type he is, but he is blue!!)

Little Miss Fluff is even waiting for you (and she promises to be a good girl while you're here!) Boo is waiting for you too, but he was sleeping inside.

Kiki is waiting for you (but she's a lot bigger now!)
Jason got a new toy.......

and he says George can play on it too!!

So where are you? 
Your little Sis is waiting for you

and yes, the champers is waiting too! So hurry up and get here :-)

Love you. See You Soon

1 comment:

  1. Oh Neicey what great pictures! you have got me so excited I really can't wait to see you all,I think George will love to have a go on Jasons new toy, hope that doesn't sound too rude. Our weather has been gorgeous this last week I really don't mind what it's like when we come over as it will be just fantastic to see you and spend tme with you.I sent you an email and asked if there was anything you would like me to bring apart from myself anything you really miss,I have got you some knitting mags so let me know if there is anything else.Eeeee I'm nearly wetting my pants just thinking about coming over only 9 days to go, will ring you soon to give you the details. I keep meaning to ask how long is the drive from the airport to your house you can tell me when I ring.I'm off to bed now as I have to be up early as I'm doing a car boot sale with Joanne,talk to you soon. Love you see you soon Nenna xxxxxxxxxxxx