Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Egg Hunt

Hi Nenna, Here are a few more pictures from the weekend, when the kids were running around looking for eggs in Chris's huge back yard!!! 

 This is Morgan... Greg and Nancy's little girl (our friends with the wine cellar!) Nancy is actually pregnant again and due in September with another little girl. Kristen adores Morgan and Morgan always smiles now and puts her arms out when she sees Kristen. 

Not the best of pictures, but this is Nancy (above) and Greg (below) watching Morgan finding eggs. 

 Off to pick Boo up from the groomer. Will write more another day. xxxx

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  1. Hi Neicey thanks again for the pics it looks like the kids had fun in that huge back garden. I only want to say one thing there looks like too many bloody dogs hanging about for my liking, I will probably be ok as long as there are plenty of folk there to keep them away from me. Went to town with mam and Mike today he went to look for bathroom suites and ended up buying table and chairs for his kitchen, he has to wait 5 weeks for it but he seemed very pleased with his purchase. Going shopping on Saturday with Joanne,Deb and Michelle we are going wedding dress hunting and trying on we may have to stop off for lunch and a drink can't wait, I may take my new camera and take some pics then I can get Deb to send them to you. Just wanted to ask if you sent our Mike a birthday card, he didn't get it if you did and a bit miffed if you didn't. How's your diet going I'm still about 10 stone but hopefully I'l get half a stone off before my hols. Hope you have a good week. Bye for now love and miss you. Nenna xxxxxxxxx