Monday, April 22, 2013

Here ya go.....

Hi Nenna,
Just got off the phone from chatting with you  :-) Here are some photos I took last week which I never got around to posting. MUST DO BETTER!

This is what it looked like outside, when I went down to the basement last Monday to take pics for you!!
 That is not the sun or moon, it's the flash from the camera!!!

So here we are in the basement. Both sides of the room are finished. I still have the hallway to do and some movie posters to put up.

Darth is ready to take your order at the bar!!!!!!!

Since Jason moved his computer upstairs to work, I've taken over his office and made it my craft room. . . I won't be playing in here when you're visiting though :-)

Will try to post more every few days.
Love you
x x x 

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  1. Hi Neicey thanks for the pictures you know I just love to see them, well maybe not the snow ones. The room looks fantastic and I can just picture us all sitting there watching a movie. Darth can serve me anytime with a drink what is he made of and where did you get him from it looks brilliant.I am getting more and more excited as the time is going so fast and will be here before we know it, only 56 days to go Going to to town with mam tomorrow our usual outing don't need much but just like to get her out a little, I took her along the shops for her money this afternoon as she seemed a bit fed up she even walked into the shops which she doesn't usually do she normally waits in the car but she just needed a bit fresh air. Hope Jason is enjoying his second working day at home so glad he will be able to spend a little more time with us while we are over, also hope your weather gets a bit warmer still not very good over here still bloody cold. Will say bye for now see you soon Love you Nenna xxxxxxxxxxx