Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday

Hi Nenna,
We had a lovely afternoon over at our friends yesterday and I took a few pictures of Kristen, but not many. Didn't get any of me and Jason!! The view below is from Chris and Rick's back yard!

 It was a little windy out there!

 I'll more pictures tomorrow of the egg hunt!!!

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  1. Hi Neicey WOW Kristen looks gorgeous I love her outfit I'm sure she would make a fantastic model, as I said before she is growing up so fast. The views from your friends house also look fantastic, I know I'm going to just love everything over there. I've got Charlotte and Daniel today as they are off school this week but I only have them one day and tomorrow I'm going shopping with mam and Michael which doesn't happen often Mike has this week off and wants to go looking for a new bathroom suite.It's Horhays birthday today but he is at work and we won't be doing anything special as he's not really bothered may have a drink or two.I may take the kids to my mam's after dinner but when I mentioned it yesterday she pulled a face so may just stay at home it's too cold to go anywhere. Hope you have a good week and I just checked your last blog and there are two comments on, don't know what happened there. Well must go grandchildren calling. Love you miss you Nenna xxxxxxxx