Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hi Nenna,
Not a lot going on over here, but wanted to just say hello and add a picture or two. We got snow yesterday!!! Bloody freezing here right now, I wonder when Spring will arrive?

Bindi was one year old on April 5th. Kristen wanted to buy her a new toy, so we got a squeaky ice cream cone!!

This was how it looked after 5 minutes of chewing!!!

Took this picture below, the other day, before snow. Two horses riding by out the back of the house. I zoomed in a bit, those houses don't really look as close as that!

Will try to make some posts this week and add a few oldies as I've got no new pictures to share really.
Counting down the days.... it will be here before we know it ;-)
Love ya

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  1. Hi Neicey thanks for the pics, you know I love to see them and I must say Bindi looks so cute, I didn't think I would say that but she does.Our weather is not too good either still quite cold but thankfully no snow, the weather man says it's going to warm up this weekend HOORAY. Not a lot happening over here had a nice shopping morning with mam yesterday got a nice top for my hols, I keep saying I'm not buying much but then I see something and I can't resist it.I went for my food shop this morning called in mams and then came home and did housework, I'll be out in the morning to the Galleries with my friend Issy, I love this retirement thing I do get to go shopping quite a bit but I usually spend too much, will enjoy shopping even more when I'm with you.Havn't heard a thing from big sis I think I've only spoke twice since christmas and I'm not expecting her up in May the kids are off for half term, it will probably be summer hols when she next comes up, she didn't even ring mam at easter or she may have and mam has forgot.I sometimes think she forgets she has a mam and family up here ah well her loss.Well thats ya lot for now enjoy the rest of the week Love and miss you. Nenna xxxxxxxx