Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mr Handsome!

Hi Nenna,
Well, I've not take any new pictures lately, so I will have to rake through the archives and post some oldies for you :-) Hmm, what can I share today?  Oooh, I know, how about some pictures of your handsome brother in law :-) ha ha, these aren't the best quality, I scanned them in to the computer years ago.

Don't ask me how old he is in these photos, I have no clue.  Do you think Kristen looks like him? Everyone says she looks like both of us.

Hee hee, this last one cracks me up!!! :-) I can't tell it's Jason in the first two, but this one you can see it's him. I think he was 16 in this one, it was one of his prom nights (I think).

This is when I first saw him in a tux! (the only time actually) :-)

Until next time


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  1. Hi Neicey loved the pics, Jason looks quite cute in the younger ones and he did grow up to be a handsome chap,I think Kristen looks more like you but can see a little of her dad in her.I've been shopping with my friend Issy this morning and managed to get a lovely dress for Abbigails Holy Communion it's on April 28th the day before we go to Centre Parcs for Michell's 30th birthday, not sure if I told you but we are having a suprise party for her and we are all getting dressed up as characters from the Twilight movies as she just loves them, I will send lots of pics for you or George will as he knows how to do it I havn't a clue.I'm off to see mam when I've finished this comment she says she felt dizzy this morning so will go and see how she is. Hope you have a grewat weekend will call soon Love you lots Nenna xxxxxxx