Thursday, March 28, 2013

Photo Shoot!

Hi Nenna, Not much to write about. Just got off the phone with you. Took some pictures as promised, and here they are. . . . .


  1. Hi Neicey and Kristen thanks so much for the pics, sorry I didn't comment yesterday but we were busy painting and then Deb and the kids dropped in so then I got watching TV and I forgot. The weather here today is really nice and sunny but still a bit chilly, me and George have been out shopping and we bought a new camera for our hols, we will try it out when we go to Centre Parcs then hopefully I'll know how to use it when we come over.George is out with Kevin tonight so I will go and sit and watch TV with mam she likes a bit company on a night time.Not much else happening so have a lovely Easter weekend and hope for more pics soon Love and miss you but see you soon Nenna xxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Neicey sent a comment to this blog on saturday but when I looked yesterday there was no comment don't know what happend there. Just wanted to say thanks for the pics you are both looking good. Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend, all the kids came over for lunch it was hectic as usual but good fun. Daniel stayed over last night as Deb and Glen went to see a group called Simple Minds don't know if you have heard of them, Charlotte stayed over Keiths with Abbigail.I won't write much just incase this one doesn't send so will say bye for now, looking forward to more pics and only 79 days to go, the time is going quite quickly won't be long.Love and miss you Nenna xxx