Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Monday!

Hi Nenna,
Hope you got my email from yesterday. I haven't been on much over the weekend so no pictures to share from that. I did mention I'd been painting and I'll try to take some photos today of the basement. 

Sun is shining (it's 8.30am) but it's quite chilly out there this morning. We will be just doing school and going for some groceries today... rather boring, but such is life during the week. 

Easter is coming up soon, so I thought I'd share some pictures from a few years ago. This one was taken in 2003, we were just off to church that day. Kristen was just over 3 years old. 

Here she is opening her easter basket. Do they do that over there? I know we only got easter eggs but we never got a basket of goodies from the easter bunny... that's what they get here. And they go on egg hunts. I would hide eggs around the house so Kristen could look for them on Easter Morning (sunday). I won't be hiding eggs this year, but I'll be putting some goodies in a basket for her. I think kids as old as 18 still get Easter baskets from their parents!!!

2004 (below)

2007 with Boo

and my favorite.... her very first Easter.

Some Bunny Loves You :-)

Have a lovely Day Nenna. We love you.

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  1. Hi Neicey what beautiful pictures, Kristen looks so cute and you and Jason do'nt look so bad yourselves.I'm looking forward to Easter as I keep hoping the weather will be a little better as it's been so cold lately and I think we are also forcast more snow. I usually do a egg hunt for the kids, outside if it's nice inside if it's not and no we don't have easter baskets we just give eggs I also buy the kids a couple of t-shirts each ready for summer.I'm dying to see the pics of the basement but you can wait till it's finished before you send them, in fact I can't wait to be sitting in the basement with you and just chillin. I will make this short and sweet as a drama which i've been watching is about to begin. Hope you did ok with your diet over the weekend I can't beleive I stayed the same maybe it will show tomorrow Bye for now Love you lots Nenna xxxxxxxxx