Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Crazy Girls!

Hi Nenna, I'm sure these photos put a smile on your face :-) Your girls are crazy.... wonder who they take after? I took these back in 2008, when we came over to visit. They just insisted on showing me how they could touch their noses with their tongues, and well, in Joanne's case, she can actually pick her nose too, so talented, LOL :)

I'm going to my WW meeting in half an hour. It's nice and sunny outside even though it's freezing. It will be nice though as it should be still light when I get out of the meeting now that the clocks have gone forward here. Not sure if I will have lost anything or stayed the same? I didn't stay on plan at the weekend and today is that time of the month, so I might be a bit heavier, who knows. I did do a workout today and hope to do one every day, so that should help. I'm determined to fit in to my jeans and capris that I was wearing last summer. It just gets harder the older you get, as I'm sure you know.

Not much else to write about today. Kristen is feeling better, we go to her last testing tomorrow but it's in the morning!! We have to be there for 7.45am. Last week we were going in the afternoon but didn't get out of there til nearly 5, so morning might be nicer. I'm always awake at 5am anyway.

Have a lovely day, and know I'm thinking of you and sending you love and hugs.

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