Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Hi Nenna,
I forgot to show you these photos I took last week when I was taking Kristen for her testing. I had to kill 4 hours so I walked around the mall for 2 of them. This is the nearest mall to us, but I don't go that often. To be honest there's never much I need there, so I might only go every few months now. It looked pretty with the sun streaming in though, and I was standing there thinking how you would love to be here shopping with me, even if we didn't buy anything.

Can't wait for you to get here!
Love Neicey

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  1. Hi Neicey was just going to post a comment and WOW more pics for me, the shopping mall looks fantastic, I can't believe they have a water fountain in there I don't think I've ever seen one like that before,I can't wait either to go shopping there with you even if we don't buy a thing, as you know I love to shop but I do get a little tired now but don't worry it certainly won't stop me going there. I did have a laugh at your last post and yes they are crazy I think they take after their dad. I went to town today with mam even though it was bitterly cold, she still likes to go out as it's the only time I get to take her we also went for our afternoon tea at the hotel at Boldon it was ok but could have been better, mam doesn't seem to like eating out so much now nothing seems right for her, they gave us champagne as an exta even though we didn't ask for it mam had a few sips and said it was just like pop I drank mine and thought it was lush.We did have a laugh as she said she wanted the toilet then said it's to late I'm weeing i've got my pads on and she did that three times I said wait till I tell our Denise I took you out for tea and you sat peeing your pants I know you might not laugh but you had to be there mam was peeing with laughing. Going to bed soon night night only 97 days to go yippee we're into double figures. Love Nenna xxxxxxxxx