Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Tuesday

Hi Nenna, 

 Sorry I haven't posted in a week. I haven't been sitting at my computer much this week, that's cos my computer is actually now Jason's computer.Well, let me explain... my computer has gone down to the basement, Jason has brought his computer (along with his 3 screens) upstairs and put it where my computer used to be. That's so he can easily work on it when he comes home from work, instead of going downstairs where we can't see him and feel like he's never in the house with us!! If that makes any sense. It just means that I can't really blog on a night time while he's working (cos I don't go downstairs much either), but I can blog while I'm sitting with Kristen during the day. 

We have been invited over to friends for Easter dinner (did I already tell you that?). We'll be going over on Sunday at 4.30. Other neighbors we know will be there so it will be a nice afternoon. Not been up to much else lately. 

 I'm trying to find bedding for your room, I mean the guest room (Jason laughs because I call it 'Nenna's Room) ;) I can't find anything? Not even sure what color I want to do it in yet. I am leaning toward yellowy bright colors, and white sheets, with daisies in the room or something? Got any ideas? I'll have to keep searching... got some very special VIP's coming to visit in June :) 

I've just been putting laundry away, changing bed sheets etc. so I'm going to put my feet up for an hour. Dinner is in the crockpot, I'm roasting some pork to make tacos with. I keep meaning to call Mam, but never get round to it. She never seems to want to talk much when I do call, so I just keep putting off and getting on with stuff around the house. I'll try to call her tomorrow. 

I'm still not finished painting the basement but here's a couple of pictures I took of the one side I got done. Still stuff on the table there, so ignore that....

and ignore my cardigan on the bar ;-)

I'll take lots more pictures when it's all done. 

Here's a few photos to make you smile :) Bye for Now xxxx

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  1. Hi Neicey thanks for the pics of Kristen they did make me smile and I can't believe where the years go,she's growing up fast and I'm so looking forward to seeing her again.Your decorating looks really nice the bar looks even nicer, only kidding, I'm sure it will all look wonderful when we get there. Any colour scheme for our bedroom will be fine you have good taste so i'm sure it will be fab too. Been to the Galleries today with mam we had to go for her new glasses she says they are fine but for how long I don't know. The weather is still very cold but at least we don't have snow, hope it warms up soon I'm sick of hearing myself moan about it. The kids are coming over on Easter sunday I will make a roast dinner for them, I would ask mam and Michael but I know mam wouldn't enjoy it, I'm not saying I'm a crap cook I don't think she could stand the noise with the kids it would spoil it for her she is so used to just her and Michael by themselves.I will try and ring you tomorrow to wish you all a Happy Easter. Bye for now talk to you soon. Love and miss you Nenna xxxxxxx