Friday, March 8, 2013

Hi Nenna :-)

Hi Nenna, I've made a new blog.... and it's JUST FOR YOU! I figured since I usually just post for you, and I don't really care if anyone else checks my blog, I would make a new one, that no one knows about (no one being my online bloggy friends). This way I can write about whatever I want and show you pictures that others might not be interested in. I will probably for now just leave my Daily Blog alone. Until I want to blog on a regular basis again. But to be honest I haven't been bothered about doing that for a while now. My online time is spent at knitting blogs and groups. 

 This week from Wednesday to today, Kristen has been testing for maths and english. I had to drive her to the University of Phoenix, which is about 25 minutes away. She was in there for over 4 hours with other kids, so I had to kill some time. On Wednesday I walked around the mall for 2 hours,(didn't buy anything), then went back to the university and sat in the car and knit. Yesterday I went to Kirklands, (a home decor store) and bought some house stuff. Got some pictures for 'your room', and some other ornaments for downstairs, for when I finish painting it. It's our last day for testing today, I might just sit in the car the whole time and knit as there's nothing else I really need to shop for.

 I haven't taken any photos this week, so I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite ones from a few years ago :) (I can't post and not add a photo for you, now can I?)

Yes, I know the photos are all of me and you.... that's cos you're my favorite :-) I might just make some posts and reminisce about your trips to America, or show you places we can go when you come over, or pictures of the house as I decorate, or outside in the garden, once the weather starts getting nice. Or even just some silly photos I have that you might not remember or have even seen before. It will be fun, and exciting (never knowing what I'll post about next!), so check in often and I'll try to be creative and post as much as I can. 

Love Niecey


  1. Hi Neicey WOW you did a blog just for little old me thankyou, what is my hair doing on those first two pics it looks shocking I will never get it cut that short again. We have been looking at some old photos and also George is going to transfer all our old video tapes onto discs we have three from when we were in Baltimore I can't wait to see them.Hope Kristen does well in her maths and english tests you can let me know. I can't wait to have a nice lie in and also have a relaxing day tomorrow. The kids will be over on Sunday for Mothers day I said no cooking we will be having a Mcdonalds or KFC. Hope you have a great weekend Bye for now Lots of Love Nenna xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Neicey it's me again forgot to say how pretty the blog page was, I'm lying in bed and thought I would look at it again. I'm so excited about looking at some old pictures it's one of my favorite pastimes I'm also even more excited about coming over to see you all and taking lots more pictures. George made my breakfast for me and brought it upstairs so I had breakfast in bed, I could get used to this but then again if the weather is nice and the sun is shining I like to be up early.I phoned mam at nine oclock which I do every morning and she sounded ok, Mike will pop round to put her bet and lottery on before he goes to the club, I will see her tomorrow morning before the kids arrive for lunch.Thankyou again for doing my very own blog look forward to reading it and getting your pics Bye for now LOVE YOU LOTS Nennaxxxxxxxxxxx